Tom Torres, the CEO and owner of Stryker Spirits Inc., has a colorful past. He is the owner of West Bay Thunder, a Harley Motorcycle custom build and repair shop. He is the winner of many awards for his custom motorcycles. He is an avid motorcycle rider and has been in the motorcycle business for over 30 years.

Bob Leone, the CMO, and co-owner of Stryker Spirits is a recipient of the Purple Heart for wounds received during combat in the jungles of Vietnam. He is retired from the FAA where he worked closely with the military. He is also an avid motorcycle rider.

They had the idea to start their own distillery after trying the same old brands. “We can do better than this,” was their cry, thus began their journey to learn all about the brewing industry. They went to local and European breweries, bought books, and experimented for years on creating just the right blend of ingredients to perfect the right taste and smoothness of their superior Vodka.

To be sure there is no MilSpec for Vodka. However, we feel that if there was a military specification, Stryker Vodka would be the Armed Forces standard. It is militarily strong and military smooth! Distilled seven times and filtered three times for extra quality. We truly support our US Armed Forces!